Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At MaGiK Galley: Art Records

Art Records from Magik Studio

We give a new life to scratched and used vinyl records by turning them into Art Records, hand-painted and fitted with an original label. Choose from our designs or customize your own with a personal message. It's a great Holiday gift!

See more examples and visit our store at to order your Art Record today!

Next Stop, Easton!


After many years of debate and research, the train still does not reach the city of Easton. Bringing the line to the area would bring tourists and improve our local economy. The issue is on the minds of many activists and citizens. We all must remain engaged in the process if we are to succeed in regaining our lost train service.

Friday, November 6, 2009

MaGiK Illustraion: A Short Story of Easton


Easton went through many changes in the last thousand years. I imagine peaceful days 10000 years ago, evolving into one of the first towns in the 1700’s , then growing to a bustling, entertaining city in the 20’s before settling to quiet present times. What period would you like to live in?


A short music video that features Patrick Poladian’s latest composition, "Starfish Gabrielle." Patrick plays his piano while the background swirls and turns with fantastic colors and mesmerizing shapes. The music is in the air...

Welcome to MaGiK

MaGiK World Studio is an animation production, illustration, and nature photography studio. We try to educate as well as entertain with our work and through our website,

We at MaGiK also try whenever possible to promote environmental awareness. Visit to see our Go Green! illustrations and animations., another sister site, promotes our love for jazz music and showcases our series of musically-inspired illustrations.

We have several new projects in the works here at MaGiK, and hope to promote our work through this blog, gain a few fans, and hopefully spread some awareness. If you wish to contact us, drop us a line at

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